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Scary Parallels Between CRM & Hollywood Horrors
CRM doesn’t have to be scary. In honor of Halloween, here’s a shortlist of classic horror movie clips and “the fix” to help you defeat the top three CRM phobias once and for all! So pull up a chair, grab a bag of popcorn or some sweet treats and get ready to scream man, scream for your life!
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CKearney Consulting, LLC (CKC)
is a  small, woman-owned business
providing companies with insight into
Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and processes as well as other consulting services.

It is our desire to provide quality services so our clients can live the working lifestyle they want, free from the stress of a CRM system.
Similarly, CKearney Consulting exists to allow our employees the ability to live the lifestyles they desire.
A Leader with a Dream
By: Amy Villasana-Moore, CPSM
If you were to ask a random handful of people to list characteristics of a great leader, you’d probably get a standard list of responses but for me, the most important characteristic of all would be the ability to dream. But for me, the most important characteristic of all would be the ability to dream.  Read more to discover why!
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CKearney Consulting Celebrates Two Years

The past two years have been a journey like none other! Our owner and founder, Courtney Kearney, took time to reflect on what CKearney Consulting looks like today. Over the course of the last two years, 10 amazing people have joined the CKC team! 

Together we have served many wonderful clients, worked hard on numerous projects, presentations, trainings and speaking engagements. Check out the video, timeline and information on our blow for more details.

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CKearney Consulting provides
a wide range of CRM services for Clients in and out of 
the A/E/C industry. 
We would love to hear from you whether you are a potential Client, current one or just have something to share.