Disappearing Content is Marketing Magic
Platforms like Instagram Stories and Snapchat allow marketers to reach new audiences
By Sam Del Rowe / destinationCRM.com
Digital and permanent are no longer synonymous: Although it once was the case that content posted online stayed there forever, platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories have changed this with disappearing content. Now, users of these platforms have the security of knowing that their content doesn’t have to follow them forever.

Launched in 2011, Snapchat today has close to 200 million active daily users. Its main competitor, Instagram Stories, was launched in 2016 and now counts more than 300 million daily active users. The success of these platforms suggests that disappearing content is here to stay, and companies—and marketers specifically—should take advantage of the opportunities it presents.
Disappearing content brought about a sea change in social media, experts agree. “When disappearing content entered the social media landscape, its popularity was largely driven not by what it was, but by what it was not,” says Justin Kerby, founder and managing partner at CAVE Social, a content marketing agency. “In September 2011, social media networks offered users a permanent experience. When something was posted to the web, the intention was that it would stay online forever. This was daunting to many, especially a younger generation that wanted to express themselves.”​
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