FedEx Small Business Grant Contest
The FedEx Contest is a chance to promote small businesses and get fans excited to spread the word about those companies. It's also an opportunity for the winners to become part of something bigger: a close-knit group who support and share ideas with each other.

Although we were not selected as a finalists, we are beyond thankful to all that voted for us and showed their support. We plan to submit again next year and appreciate your future votes.
Tell us about your business    
This May will mark the three-year anniversary of my company, CKearney Consulting, LLC (CKC). Since its inception, CKC has quickly grown from a company of one to a company of ten. CKC is one of two businesses I own, with the second currently in development.

CKC is a small, woman-owned business providing companies with insight into Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and processes as well as other consulting services. We assist clients with services ranging from CRM evaluation to implementation and maintenance, as well as Social Media Management. After reading Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, we came together as a team to form the why for CKC – to provide quality services so our clients can live the working lifestyle they want, free from the stress of a CRM system. Similarly, CKC exists to allow our employees the ability to live the lifestyles they desire.  Learn More
Elevator Pitch
Brief Company Description
CKearney Consulting, LLC (CKC)
is a small, woman-owned business
providing companies with insight into
Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and processes as well as other consulting services.

It is our desire to provide quality services so our clients can live the working lifestyle they want, free from the stress of a CRM system. Similarly, CKearney Consulting exists to allow our employees the ability to live the lifestyles they desire.
What inspired you to get into your business
I describe myself as an “unintentional” entrepreneur. I seized the opportunity to fill a void in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry; no one INSIDE our industry was offering CRM management and consulting services TO our industry. This service was in high demand but surprisingly was nowhere to be found. And so, at the intersection of one person’s passion and an industry’s glaring need, a dream became reality.    
I started CKC because I wanted to put food on the table for my family, never thinking it would grow into what it is today. I turned down job offers and took a risk starting the firm, but I saw a need in the AEC industry that I had the skills to fill. I dreamed of a different kind of life for me and my family; I wanted more than what I was being offered. It is incredible to see the risk paid off and now CKC allows others to live the same dream.  Learn More
The FedEx Grant would allow us to hire additional staff assigned to client accounts so the business can grow. We would use the FedEx print services grant to produce hard-copy marketing materials and print quality welcome packets we provide to new clients. It would free up resources for me to focus on BD and do what I love, in-person workshops and training nationwide for our clients and prospects. We could also afford an in-person retreat allowing remote team members to meet for the first time.
How would CKC use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?
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CRM Packages
  • Advisor Support
  • Hands-On Support
  • Overall Firm Administrator (OFA)

CRM Single Services
  • CRM Evaluation
  • Implementation
  • Data Clean-Up & Import
  • Training
  • API Services
  • Proposal Automation
Social Media Management
  • Consultative Support
  • Interactive Support
  • Full Management

Other Services
  • Industry Analysis
  • Copy Editing
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Speaking Engagements
  • ​Workshops
Our Services
What makes your business stand out
How your business impacts your community
Our team has experienced growth beyond belief but it has been accompanied with signified personal loss. Losing loved ones is a difficult thing to experience, it affects us all differently and everyone walks through the stages of grief at their own pace. We decided to spend 2018 honoring our loved ones with acts of kindness that impacted our community.​​ Learn More
  • The team volunteered at the Tarrant Area Food Bank and Mission of Yahweh
  • Ran a “Soak CKC” contest in support of the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Raised money for a team member to participate in the Walk for Wishes for Make-a-Wish
  • Donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) for a team members walk
  • Contributed to the V Foundation, a cutting-edge cancer research fund
  • Our gift to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) was matched dollar for dollar by the ADA
  • Supported the TMJ Association, Ltd. (TMJA) 
I take great pride in my work and anything that is attached to my name. My people are cut from the same cloth! We are all quality driven, work efficiently and above all, want to do right by our clients. 

I am most concerned with outcome and not the location of the team, therefore, we all work remotely. It doesn’t matter to me how or where people work as long as they do quality work. If team members work poolside or from the waiting room at their doctor’s office it doesn't matter as long as both the client and the team member are happy. 
What motivates me is redefining my reality as a "Wife, Mom and Data-loving Marketer" and helping others change their realities. As a leader, I want to tap into what people need, or even better, what people dream!
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