ELEVATE 2018 Recap

Houston, Texas | Wednesday January 31

Thank you for joining us for ELEVATE, we are hopeful you walked away with tangible items you can use to optimize Cosential. Below is a recap of what was shared during the sessions. Please let us know if something was missed and remember to connect with us via LinkedIn, email or other social media platforms.

Session 1 – Cosential Optimization (8:30 - 11:30 am)
In this three-hour training, we demonstrated the core functionality of Cosential, giving a complete picture of connections, interactions, and history with any client or partner associated to leads, opportunities, projects, communication, personnel, activities, images, and documents.

​Optimization starts by first maintaining data
  • Start with big picture and what matrix are important to your firm    
  • Think backwards about storing data for efficient “publishing” and reporting
  • Have clear and consistent naming conventions for opportunities, companies, names and abbreviations
  • Which dollar and Firm Org fields matter when implementing and using widgets
  • Create and document a process for when are projects created, when descriptions are gathered, reviewed, approved, etc.
  • Use work flows to keep your data up to date and always include a link to the record
  • Work flows can also help with requiring fields if users are bypassing the fields by using the grid
  • Review your data monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Maintenance reports are a MUST
Best Practices
  • Home page set to Dashboard
  • Automate Opportunities created by you via "Opportunity Preferences" to associate yourself as a Staff Team member 
  • Set your Contact Manager module landing page
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS start at Company record
  • Parent/Child relationship for multiple offices, subsidiaries, etc.
  • New administration feature for company fields customization (Custom Labels, On/Off)
  • New Administrate Company Fields section in Contact Manager Administration to require fields
  • New "tabs" at the top of records to jump to sections
  • Use V-cards
  • Administration for contact fields customization (Tool Tips, Custom Labels, On/Off, Required)
  • Move contacts to document changes to their employment
  • New Reference Ratings field, first turn on in Firm Setup, then create values, then assign values shows on Personnel and Project References
  • Define opportunity fields clearly, including the difference between Client and Owner
  • Incorporate project record updates as part of your daily routine or proposal close-out checklist
  • Store top marketing photos, not your entire image database
  • Use call logs as a communication and collaboration tool

Users Adoption
  • Buy-In from the right people
  • Identify office or market sector champions so users have someone to “go-to”
  • Internally market Cosential   
  • Celebrate milestones to avoid burnout 

Session 2 – Templates and the Publisher Module Hands-On Workshop (12:30 - 3:30 pm)
Cosential’s Publisher Module makes it easy to prepare targeted and accurate proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, project profiles, project lists, government forms, and other marketing collateral. You will eliminate hours spent tracking down content — resumes, project lists, and other details — and spend that time perfecting your winning materials.

Use the following buttons to access the documentation from class.

 InDesign Notes                                        InDesign Style Samples
Connect with the Presenters on LinkedIn
Courtney Kearney, CPSM
Owner of CKearney Consulting
Julie Shaffer, CPSM
Owner of Shaffer Creative
Emy Burback, MBA, CPSM
Owner of Marketing Engine

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