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The CRM Adoption Paradox
Here we sit in 2018 and the buzz around CRM continues to be artificial intelligence (AI) and customer engagement. The platform providers for CRM continue to reach for the stars with innovation that seems groundbreaking and game changing. Yet about half of the organizations using CRM platforms continue to have significant struggles with the buy-in of these very feature-rich and powerful systems. It raises the question of whether the “C” in CRM starts with your external customer, or with your internal one.
CRM Users Group
CKearney Consulting is excited to facilitate a monthly call with CRM users no matter the system you use or don't use. The group is open to everyone from first-time users to experts and even those without a CRM that want to learn from others. It is FREE to participate!

The one requirement is a shared desire to collaborate with others! This is an interactive call where all callers are participating and bringing ideas to the table; CKearney Consulting is only facilitating the flow of conversation.

The objective is for attendees to gain and offer the following:
  • tips
  • insights
  • ideas
  • best practices
  • strategies
  • lesson learned

This monthly conference call is conducted using Go To Meeting. Once you sign up, please save the event to your calendar as the invite contains the meeting credentials.
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Disappearing Content Is Marketing Magic 
Digital and permanent are no longer synonymous: Although it once was the case that content posted online stayed there forever, platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories have changed this with disappearing content. Now, users of these platforms have the security of knowing that their content doesn’t have to follow them forever.
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Taming Big Data with Business Intelligence - A CM Perspective 
Interesting article via CMAA - A study found that use of data driven tools in CM provides benefits such as better decision making, improved operations efficiency, growth in revenues, increased competitive advantage, and enhanced customer service. Do your current data systems provide these benefits? We can help make sure they do.
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Small Businesses Would Boost Sales with Better CRM Tech
Not enough time to focus on business growth? Don't get stuck in the past. Learn how small businesses would boost sales with better CRM technology. Don't make the mistake of believing CRM is too complex or expensive for small, micro and even solopreneur businesses.
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