The CRM Adoption Paradox
CRM systems are stronger and more packed with features than
ever, but users aren't always rushing to use them. Here's how one firm changed that
By Danny Estrada, Founder of E Squared  /
Here we sit in 2018 and the buzz around CRM continues to be artificial intelligence (AI) and customer engagement. The platform providers for CRM continue to reach for the stars with innovation that seems groundbreaking and game changing. Yet about half of the organizations using CRM platforms continue to have significant struggles with the buy-in of these very feature-rich and powerful systems. It raises the question of whether the “C” in CRM starts with your external customer, or with your internal one.

To answer the question, we must look at the entire ecosystem of your organization and evaluate the operational structure in combination with the tools you are using to reach your desired goals. Many management teams have their annual strategy retreats and make plans for each year, and then the plans are passed down through the ranks. The problem, though, is that many companies do not calibrate their CRM systems to align with their objectives.

Today’s CRM platforms can be powerful tools of collaboration, but too often the way they are implemented makes them overwhelming to users. Even more curious is how companies continue to extend these tools before they have optimized them for their current objectives. Getting lost along the way is the notion of truly connecting with your customers.

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