Cosential and Zapier Integration
"Happier with a Z"
Follow the following steps to connect Cosential to another software platform using Zapier.

1. Click the App Market in the module bar on the left, locate Zapier, click Install Zapier and click the invitation link.
2. The link should launch the following invitation page. Click the orange Accept Invite & Build a Zap button.

3. Now it's time to create your first workflow or Zap. Click the Make a Zap! button in the upper-right corner.
4. ​Follow the prompts and select your starting point. For the example I will start with Cosential and push new contacts to Mailchimp.
5. ​Select your starting point or what action in Cosental will trigger your Zap. For this example I will create a Zap for new Cosential contact information to push to Mailchimp so I will click New Contact and click Save+Continue in the bottom-right corner.
6. On the next screen you will connect to your Cosential account and then click Save+Continue.

7. Next you will pick a sample record. It is vitally important that you select a record that has the data you want to push. For example, I want to push the Company Name, the Contact's First and Last Name and Email then all those fields need to be populated on the sample record. If the first three samples are missing the neccessary data then click Get More Samples in the bottom-left corner. Once you have a good sample selected click Continue in the bottom-right corner.

8. The next steps involves the system you want to push information to. Click the hyperlink to launch the App Search and locate the system you want your data to integrate with, in the example I will select Mailchimp. That will launch the list of available actions. Because our Mailchimp account is already active and populated with data, I am going to select Add/Update Subscriber and then click Save+Continue.
9. On the next screen you will connect to your account and then click Save+Continue.

10. Each system will have a unique form so follow the prompts on the screen to select what information you want to push over. Once complete click Continue in the bottom-right corner. For this example, I want to push the email so I type email in the search field and locate which of the four email fields is the one I want to use. This is why it is critical to have data in the sample you select.
11. The final step is to test the workflow. Review the summary and then click Fetch & Continue. If everything with the Zap went well you will receive a green Test Succesful message if not an error message will appear. If that happens go back and tweak until successful.
12. Once the Zap is successful, click Finish in the bottom-right corner. The next screen is when you name your Zap, select a folder if you will have several systems you will be integrated I would recommend using folders to keep organized. Note that the Zap is defaulted to OFF immediately after creation, you will need to manually click the switch to turn the zap ON. I recommend testing and monitoring the Zap for the next 24-48 hours to make sure it is working. For this example, I will create a contact in Cosential, wait 15-30 minutes and search for that contact in Mailchimp. If the contact is not there, I know I have some troubleshooting to do; if it is in Mailchimp I know the Zap was success and the workflow has integrated the two systems.